A PLANE was forced to return to the airport for an emergency landing after leaving Newquay when a huge crack appeared in the window the cockpit of the flight.

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AN ARMED robber attempted to hold up a local store in Mexico with a gun when he was met with instant karma. The man to thwart him is somewhat unexpected.

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Car Hire

LUTON Airport, just outside of London, has been named the fifth worst airport in the world. Casablanca airport was ranked the worst in the world, Rome Ciampino came in second and Berlin third.

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A VIRAL video has spread after shocking footage captured a man riding on the back of a lorry. Unbeknown to the moving vehicle, the man lets go and starts to skid along the road.

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HOTEL ROOM doors are usually opened by using a key card. Yet a new investigation has revealed million of hotel doors have been left open to a flaw that could see them easily broken into.

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